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Welcome to the Roads Going Green Initiative, a transformative tree planting project based in Nakuru City, Kenya. Our initiative is dedicated to planting trees along highways and open spaces to increase forest cover and contribute to global efforts in mitigating climate change. With a vision that stretches far beyond Nakuru City, we aspire to expand our reach throughout the landscapes of Kenya, traverse the terrain of East Africa, and ultimately encompass the entire African continent.

We invite individuals, schools, communities, and organizations to join our efforts in creating a greener and more sustainable future. By participating in tree planting activities and spreading awareness, together we can make a significant impact on the environment and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come.

what we do

Preserving the planet for future generations

Tree planting

Tree Planting

We are dedicated to planting trees and creating greener communities. Our mission is threefold: to mitigate the effects of climate change, enhance air quality, and promote biodiversity.

Training and Sensitization

We offer comprehensive training programs designed to empower individuals and communities with the necessary tools and expertise in tree planting and environmental conservation.
Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation

We understand that in order to make a lasting impact, we must continuously explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches to address the challenges we face.


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From the Beneficiaries

I am grateful for the Roads Going Green Initiative not only for the positive environmental impact but also for the employment opportunities it has brought to our community. Through their tree planting initiatives, numerous jobs have been created, ranging from nurseries and landscaping to maintenance and tree care.

Janet Karemi


The Roads Going Green Initiative has truly transformed our neighborhood. With the planting of trees along the highways, our once barren streets now boast vibrant green corridors. Not only has it enhanced the visual appeal of our community, but it has also improved air quality and provided much-needed shade.

Timothy K Murethi

Environmental Officer

The Roads Going Green Initiative has brought immense benefits to our city through their tree planting endeavors. With their Phase 1 planting along tarmac roads, our urban landscape has been revitalized, creating a more pleasant and eco-friendly atmosphere. The trees also provide shade during hot days

Joseph Kipng'eno


Our Expert Team

Meet Our Team

Lawrence Karani

Lawrence Karani

/ Patron
Lawrence Karani, an ardent environmental activist, is the visionary founder and esteemed patron of the Roads…

Gerald Muthomi

/ Chairman
With a deep understanding of the urgent need to address environmental challenges, Gerald has dedicated his…

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